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Hey if you haven’t cried yet today here’s your chance. 

I’m just in love with this picture! 
everyone is looking happy and for once those children don’t have to worry about having something to eat or somewhere to sleep 
I’m crying… Am I normal?! I really wish it was me and that I would have a baby from Harry , cuz he is one of the most sweetest persons on earth 

I’m back

I know , I’ve been gone for a while and I truly sorry

watpadd fanfiction

Hey everyone! 

I’m writing a fanfic… 

wanna check out? here’s the link !!!

I know the chapters are short ,but I update min 2 times a week 

now at the moment I’m sick , but I’m going to try my best for writing a long chapter 

please check it out and leave your opinion? 

thanks a lot 

and keep up the love for one direction 


for me they are the boys that saved me …. saved me from myself … saved me from the world I lived in… saved me from reality when everything was to hard for me
they are not just 5 normale boys to me…
to me they are 5 superhero’s 
this is definitely one of the this i’m going to say when I finally meet Harry
who runs the world?

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